Birth and Rebirth

The programme "Birth and Rebirth": Continuous support and healing the trauma of birth


The programme is based on a holistic approach in preparing for childbirth of pregnant women and their partners, Shield of childbirth, postpartum support, dealing with the consequences of birth trauma in children and adults.


Venue program

United States, CA, San Francisco Bay Area

Professional recognition

The programme was presenting at the first Summit of Christina and Stanislav Grof's Foundation in San Francisco October 26, 2014. This programme was supporting by Stanislav Grof and other members of the Fundation.

Program concept

Our birth (how we come into the world) can affect our relationships, our beliefs, our digestion, our health and even our business  – until we heal it.

But the best thing we can offer to the world is to prevent the trauma of birth.

We proceed from the understanding of the natural process of the conception, gestation and childbirth. Our task is to understand what means the intention of the woman and her partner in the attitude of pregnancy and childbirth, and on this basis, to provide full support to the realization of this intention. We have all the necessary resources for the realization of any wishes of the future parents. We are not limited only to home or hospital childbirth. We can develop a personal program with a combination of different methods and services.

Who are our customers

You can contact us if:

  • you want to spend the last months of pregnancy and give childbirth to  in California in a hospital with the doctor or midwife and Doula (birth assistant),

or in a specialized Birth Centre  with a licensed midwife and Doula,

or get the experience of homebirth with a licensed midwife and Doula;

  • you have problems with natural conception and intend to treatment and other services in the best clinics of California, ongoing support and supervision when making pregnancy, delivery and the post-natal period;
  • you want to get the full experience of natural childbirth, prenatal Yoga and breathwork, communication with the beautiful nature of California and dolphins, as well as the support of your Doula  anytime you want it.
  • You and/or your child has a birth trauma and you would like to receive healing through methods of Transpersonal psychotherapy: an individual and family counseling, Breathwork, water rebirthing, contact with the dolphins, etc.

Useful information

Every child born in California, becomes a citizen of United States.

Authors and leading experts of the programme

  • Svetlana Doroganich -Transpersonal psychotherapist, Birth assistant (Doula)
  • Robert Ross — Director

We speak English and Russian.

We are ready to give you a free consultation and a customized program.

Consultation by e-mail:;

Contact phone: +1 in San Francisco (415) 225-3583 Svetlana

Skype: harimanitkaur

For more information about the authors and leading experts of program "Birth and Rebirth" can be found on the websites: (in English) (in Russian)

Program A

Preconceptional programme, including artificial insemination.

Detoxing at all levels (physical body, emotions, mind, unconscious, spiritual aspect). Healing the trauma of birth by the parents.


  • cleansing diet (special food 2 times a day/breakfast and dinner);
  • special physical and mental exercises,
  • Holotropic Breathwork and other breathing techniques intended,
  • water practice in the pool;
  • cleaning procedure in the sauna;
  • Integral Bodywork;
  • hiking in power places: the mountains, the ocean land;
  • communication with dolphins;
  • Art therapy;
  • planning and preparation of individual programme of pregnancy and childbirth;
  • tours of hospitals, Birth Centers, consulting with midwives and with Manager for couples and legal advice on the rights of the child born in the United States;
  • Accommodation in the apartments (one bedroom apartment) on the land of San Francisco Bay, 15 minutes by car to downtown San Francisco, the complex has 4 swimming pools, two large Jacuzzi, sauna and other services:

or one bedroom room in Hilton Hotel in Emeryville

  • Rent a car and car insurance policy at the time of the programme;
  • Transfer to and from the airport
  • Accompany and translator services.

Program duration — 21 day.

The theoretical justification for the preparation phase to the conception and detoxification:

"An accumulation of data provided by a great variety of medical disciplines indicates what should be considered the main threat for the health of the unconceived generations: the intrauterine pollution by synthetic fat soluble chemicals that accumulate over the years in human adipose tissues. The foundation of any preconceptional programme must be to reduce the body burden of synthetic pollutants before conceiving a baby. The same issue concerns the father-to-be since the development of the concept of male-mediated developmental toxicity: it appears today that certain diseases or developmental disorders occur more frequently when the man has been exposed to certain pollutants." (Michel Odent, The Caesarean, p.118)

Theoretical substantiation of the need to address injuries birth have prospective parents:

"Some of the patients Dr. Frank Lake during the regressive therapy claimed to own the original injury, which some of them received at birth continues to function. The doctor agreed that their inability to explain his birth trauma patients have a sexual experience without the stress and difficulty in conceiving.

Doctor Stephen Proskauer told that almost gave up medical practice after training in obstetrics. He wrote: "during obstetric practices were running suppressed painful feelings that I initially felt during my own birthday. Those feelings began to invade the consciousness in the form of amorphous and very painful images. I wanted to get rid of those uncomfortable feelings. I couldn't stand to see and hear how the children are born. I couldn't move anything that resembled the throes of birth. "such feelings when men are present at birth, their fear can block the opening of the cervix in parturient women

(The Origins of the Fear of Female Genitalia by John a. Speyrer)

Venue of the program:

Watergate, Emeryville, California, U.S.

Price: 15000 $U.S.A. for couple


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